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Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method Workshop For Singers, Singing Teachers and Speech Language Pathologistswill be offered In Providence,  RI May 14, 2016. ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED!

This one day introductory workshop in the Feldenkrais Method presents an overview of the method for singers, actor, speech language pathologist or anyone interested in learning about the method. The focus will be on applications for voice. Cost for the day will be $95.00. Please contact Marina Gilman for registration and additional information

“How in touch are you with your voice from the “inside”?


“After singing professionally for 31 years, I developed vocal and technical problems.  I faced the possibility of having to stop singing… Due to Marina Gilman’s excellent technical knowledge, intuition, wonderful common sense and commitment to helping her clients, I overcame my original vocal issues and developed a solid technique enabling me to have joy in singing more than ever.  Marina has truly helped me create a second (and better) singing career."
- Al Sofia

Private lessons or group sessions are offered by appointment only.

Individual lessons are tailored to meet the needs of each student.

Lessons concentrate on:

  • Reducing physical tension
  • Increasing awareness of breathing patterns
  • Identifying postural/movement patterns that interfere with breathing, ease of movement and/or voice production
  • Although songs and other text are used in the lessons, the emphasis is not on repertoire but how to bring the repertoire to life.

Group classes and workshops are not scheduled regularly. Please contact Marina Gilman for updates on workshops and classes.

  • Workshops teach innovative ways to explore and develop your ability, to free your voice and become more expressive and communicative in all aspects of your life.


PHONE: (404) 444-4647