“After singing professionally for 31 years, I developed vocal and technical problems.  I faced the possibility of having to stop singing… Due to Marina Gilman’s excellent technical knowledge, intuition, wonderful common sense and commitment to helping her clients, I overcame my original vocal issues and developed a solid technique enabling me to have joy in singing more than ever.  Marina has truly helped me create a second (and better) singing career."
- Al Sofia


"I worked with Marina regularly since 1999, and am so grateful for the many skills she gave to me.  I have used her various exercises for myself at different times in my journey as a singer:  healing from vocal stress, refining repertoire for recording purposes, and learning to use my speaking voice for dramatic auditions and voice-over work. Marina rises to whatever the need of the moment may be, and gives you tangible, physical and mental comprehension of the vocal process."

The INTEGRATED VOICE approach illuminates what’s possible and opens new options of vocal expression. Voice training must include attention to how the whole body is organized in the coordinated action necessary for singing.

  • The INTEGRATED VOICE training helps you explore the subtle changes in your body and voice together.
  • The INTEGRATED VOICE brings elements of posture and balance together with all aspects of voice production: breath support, resonance and the movement of the vocal mechanism. 
  • The INTEGRATED VOICE teaches you to explore subtle changes in body posture and alignment. It teaches you to achieve a new sense of your body-voice connection giving you new expressive power and range.
  • The INTEGRATED VOICE approach is based on the belief that breath-control, resonance, expression and vocal fold vibration are interconnected with increased mobility of the spine and ribs, improved skeletal support and muscle coordination.
  • Each individual functions according to their unique structure together with acquired habits. 

In The INTEGRATED VOICE approach Marina Gilman brings together her extensive knowledge of voice with her training as a Guild Certified FELDENKRAIS Practioner®.  (The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® was developed by physicist and mechanical engineer Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. It provides a safe, non-invasive, low impact way to feel better, reduce stress and move with increased comfort and ease. The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® teaches unique individual or private hands-on lessons to improve body posture and alignment.) Since voice and body are not separate entities, posture, balance, physical limitations including excess tension of the various muscles, alter the quality, color, range and flexibility of the voice. The INTEGRATED VOICE approach works with the whole individual to allow body and voice to work as an integrated whole. 

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“How in touch are you with your voice from the “inside”?