“After singing professionally for 31 years, I developed vocal and technical problems.  I faced the possibility of having to stop singing… Due to Marina Gilman’s excellent technical knowledge, intuition, wonderful common sense and commitment to helping her clients, I overcame my original vocal issues and developed a solid technique enabling me to have joy in singing more than ever.  Marina has truly helped me create a second (and better) singing career."
- Al Sofia
“How in touch are you with your voice from the “inside”?

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“After studying classical voice and singing professionally for fifteen years my technique became inflexible, unresponsive and basically not enjoyable…  The most wonderful thing I have learned from Marina is there is no right and wrong which is the opposite of how I had trained my brain. This has been most liberating, and opened new found freedom for me that I want to share with colleagues.” 
Anonymous student

Voice Movement Integration in Atlanta, Private Instruction in Voice and the Feldenkrais Method(R) teacher,  Marina Gilman author of


Voice Movement Integration and Feldenkrais Method(R) Teacher

Anyone who depends on their voice for a living -Voice professionals such as singers, actors, announcers, teachers, professors, lawyers, preachers, coaches, telemarketers or tour guides, etc. 

  • Improve your voice – range, color projection, stamina, quality, breath control, loudness control, vocal self image 
  • Become more in touch with your voice from the ‘inside’ – the whole body connection
  • Learn to rely on your voice for all occasions 

Voice Movement Integration offers private lessons, classes and workshops in The Integrated Voice and in the Feldenkrais Method®

The Integrated Voice and the Feldenkrais Method® are innovative ways to explore and develop your ability to move with ease, to free your voice, become more expressive and communicative in all aspects of your life.