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Voice Movement Integration

Voice Movement Integration has something to offer

After studying classical voice and singing professionally for fifteen years my technique became inflexible, unresponsive and basically not enjoyable…  The most wonderful thing I have learned from Marina is there is no right and wrong which is the opposite of how I had trained my brain. This has been most liberating, and opened new found freedom for me that I want to share with colleagues.

Anonymous Student
  • How in touch are you with your voice from the ‘inside’?
  • Do you understand and USE the whole body-voice connection?
  • Do you need greater vocal and dynamic range to ‘get that job’?
  • Are you pleased with the range, color projection, stamina, quality, breath control, loudness control, self-image of your voice?

The Integrated Voice

The Integrated Voice approach was developed by Marina Gilman, singer, voice and speech teacher, speech language pathologist with specialization in voice, as well as Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.

The Integrated Voice brings together all aspects of voice and performance:

  • Exploring body posture for better voice and expression
  • Identifying ways that the person physically interferes with free vocal production
  • Releasing tension
  • Vocal production through attention to breath, sound production and resonance

Lessons and Classes

Voice Movement Integration offers private lessons, classes and workshops in The Integrated Voice.

  • Lessons and classes combine traditional voice work with the principles of somatic or body learning based on the Feldenkrais Method® of Awareness Through Movement®.
  • Workshops teach innovative ways to explore and develop your ability, to free your voice and become more expressive and communicative in all aspects of your life.